Scientific and R&D applications require special vapour pumps andaccessories. It is important to minimize any backstreaming of the
vapour pump fluid, and the number of elastomer seals used in systemdesign needs to be kept to a minimum, to give clean pumping withminimal outgassing. For bench-top or transportable instruments,compact air-cooled pumps are essential.Edwards offers a range of vapour pumps and accessories which aredesigned to meet these needs.

The compact water-cooled Diffstak pumps with an integral cooledbaffle offer exceptionally clean pumping with very low backstreaming,reduced outgassing, and a reduction in the number of elastomerseals required for installation.The Diffstak design has been proven over many years with thousandsof pumps installed. They are supplied in two types: standard, andun-valved. (C – collar model pumps).

The Edwards Diffstak 63 (ISO 63 inlet), 100 (ISO100 inlet), 160(ISO160 inlet), 250 (ISO250 inlet), design has been proven overmany years with thousands of pumps installed.The standard Diffstak pumps have integral high vacuum valves andwater-cooled baffles, which are supplied as either manually operated(M-model pumps) or pneumatically operated (P-model pumps).When comparing pumping speeds, note that the speeds quoted forvalvedDiffstaks are the speeds above the high vacuum valve, takingfull account of the valve’s impedance.The unvalvedDiffstaks are

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for systems requiring the highest possible
ultimate vacuum or for those which do not need a high vacuum valve.

All sizes are available with ISO flanges while two sizes are alsoavailable with CF flanges. (F – ConFlat® model pump).

Diffstak Pumps

Diffstak Pumps

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