Roughing/Soft-Start Valves

BRV Backing/Roughing Valve

Edwards backing/roughing valves with ISO NW roughing and forepump terminations featuremanual or pneumatic actuation. They combine the function of separate backing/roughingvalves in one integral 3 port unit. soft-starter

A flexible neoprene connector is supplied for the backing connection. The roughing andforepump ports terminate in the appropriate NW termination.

Features & Benefits

- Easy to operate – both ports closed position

- Long Life – 100,000 operations or more

- Position indicator on pneumatic valve

- Leak tight to better than 10-9 mbar ls-1/8 x 10-10Torr ls-1


The valves have been designed particularly for the Diffstak® pumping systems, but have applications where a compact change-over valve is required in the pressure range 10-7- 2000 mbar / 8 x 10 -8 - 1500 Torr.

SIPVP Soft-Start Isolation Valves

Soft-start, pneumatically operated, in-line valves with interchangeable orifices for the controlled pumpdown of processes where turbulent flow can cause problems withparticulate contamination.Slave and master valve combination allows slow initial pumping tominimise disturbance. Both slave and master valves require separate pneumaticconnections. soft-2

Features & Benefits

- MTTF of 5000000 cycles _

- Controlled pump down to match process

- Aluminum bodies

- Fast acting valves in the event of power failure

- Supplied with 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm interchangeable orifices


When the slave valve is opened gas flows at a low rate between the two sides of the valve through interchangeable orifices allowing slow pumping. Having reached a predetermined pressure level specified by the user, the master valve is opened by means of a user supplied signal allowing full bore pumping.

The bellows sealed valves are single acting with pneumatic opening and spring closure. They are supplied with three interchangeable orifices to enable pumping characteristics to be matched to your process. A microswitch is supplied as standard to indicate valve status. Both the valve and the microswitch can be baked to 100°C to speed up degassing, and to prevent process gases from condensing inside the valve. While designed primarily for the semiconductor industry the valve can also be used in other applications requiring controlled pump-down.

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