Edwards high performance STPH301C, STPH451C, STPA803C, STPA1303C, STPA1603C,

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and STPA2203C,turbomolecular pump has been designed for use in the harshest of semiconductor applications. The pumps field proven reliability and classleading performance give maximum process flexibility. The STPH301C has been approved for use by major equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor and magnetic media industries.

The STP-XA2703C, STP-XA3203C, and STP-XA4503C turbo pump offers high performance in the process range of high vacuum to 2300 sccm process flow with enhanced throughput for all gases.

This pump is based on a new platform design offering features to improve thermal management, which enhances performance on harsh processes, increases the maximum process flow capability and reduces the effects of corrosion and deposition. The outstanding performance is suited to both light and harsh applications, such as semiconductor etch, implant, lithography and LCD processes.

Features and Benefits 

  • Advanced rotor design
  • Higher gas throughput
  • Maximized process flexibility
  • 5 Axis Magnetic Suspension System
  • Zero contamination


  • Plasma etch (chlorine, fluorine and bromine chemistries) for metal (aluminium), tungsten and dialectric (oxide) and polysilicon
  • Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) etch
  • Film deposition CVD, PECVD, ECRCVD, MOCVD
  • Sputtering
  • Ion implantation source, beam line pumping and station
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