QSB Quarter Swing Butterfly Valve

The QSB quarter swing valves are compact, quick acting, high conductance isolationvalves. The QSB valves have a polished, stainless steel, ISO flanged body withfluoroelastomer ‘O’ ring sealed valve plate and shaft. The valve plate ‘O’ ring groove isvented to help maintain a stable high vacuum. The valve shaft ‘O’ rings and bearings arelubricated with Fomblin® grease to prevent gas bursts from behind the shaft seals.butterfly

This valve

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is supplied with a Co-Seal.

Features & Benefits

- Manual operation

- High conductivity

- Resists atmosphere in either direction

- Compact and quick acting

- Corrosion resistant construction

Model available

QSB63, QSB100, QSB160

QSB63P, QSB100P, QSB160P

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