The EH mechanical booster pump, based on the simple Roots principle, remains the favorite pump for applications where high pumping speeds are required for pressures in the region of 0.01 to 10 mbar. This pump must always be backed by another pump, which can deliver against a high-pressure differential to atmospheric pressure.

Operating at relatively low pressures, the mechanical booster pump is not exposed to the same concentrations of corrosive process media as is the backing pump, which makes it highly reliable.

Models Available

EH250IND, PFPE EH250FX, EH250C, EH250T4

EH500IND, EH500AFX, EH500C, EH500T3

EH1200IND, EH1200FX, EH1200C, EH1200T4

EH2600IND, EH2600FX, EH2600C, EH2600T3, EH2600T4

EH4200IND, EH4200C, EH4200T3, EH4200T4


Features & Benefits

  • - Suitable for applications where high pumping speeds over 3000m3h-1 /1776 ft3min-1are required in the pressure region of 0.01 to 50 mbar/0.0075 to 37.5 Torr.
  • - Operating at relatively low pressures makes it highly reliable.
  • - The EH pumps have a high quality, oil-free pumping mechanism.
  • This offers:
  • - Quiet, vibration free operation.
  • - Rugged and corrosion resistant.


  • Semiconductor processing
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Steel de-gassing
  • Thin film coating

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