The IDX1000 is the new benchmark in performance for fast pump down of

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large chambers and high capacity pumping for industrial processes.

Based on the double-ended screw technology, the IDX Dry Vacuum Pump will give you all the reliability and performance you want for your process. The IDX outperforms all other dry pumps in robustness, performance and ease of operation, giving you faster pump-down from atmosphere and managing higher throughput at low pressures. Dry pumping systems reduce energy costs, eliminate effluent and can give significant improvements in product quality, making them the ideal solution for many coating and metallurgy processes.

Models Available

IDX1000, IDX1300

Features & Benefits

  • - Improved Performance and Reliability
  • - Continuous performance from atmosphere to ultimate
  • - Excellent thermal profile and temperature control
  • - Tolerates liquid and particles
  • - Does not contaminate your process


  • - Metallurgy
  • - Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
  • - Vacuum Arc Refining (VAR)
  • - Precision Investment Casting (PIC)
  • - Steel Degassing

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