The Wide Range Gauge (WRG) family offers the capability of single port pressure measurement in the range atmosphere to 10-9 mbar with a linear output. Its a compactsolution, halving the space and connectivity hardware requirement, which can be allimportant in many applications. The WRG has many novel features, including a new patented striker, push button calibration and set point controls and comprehensive diagnostics. The WRG is a cost-effective vacuum management solution when used either with a Edwards controller or directly integrated into the system controls.

Any vacuum system where there is a need to measure pressureover a wide range. The WRG with an AGD represents a verysimple and cost effective means of achieving this.The linear output and equation make WRG’s an attractive optionfor industrial OEM’s where the gauge may be directly integratedinto the process controller.

The WRG is suitable for a wide range of HV and UHVapplications, however if your process will spend a significant amount of time between 5×10-4 and 5×10-3 mbar then Edwardsrecommend using independent APG100 Pirani and AIM Penninggauges, as this will improve gauge reliability for your application

Features and Benefits

  • Microprocessor signal processing gives seamless transitionbetween Pirani and magnetron outputs as well as linear output(log pressure scale)
  • D-type version including cable strain relief and enhanced ingressprotection - IP44
  • Low magnetic field version (SL) available for sensitiveapplications e.g. mass spectrometry and electron microscopy
  • Easily programmed set point covering entire measuring range
  • Magnetron uses an advanced patented technique for highlyreliable striking, even at high vacuum or in relatively contaminated conditions

Wide Range Gauge


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