Scroll pumps are an excellent alternative to rotary vane pumps where oil free pumping is desirable. The innovative XDS pumps in particular use a bearing shield to isolate the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant not only making them totally dry, but also protecting the bearing from any process gases. Vapor handling is enabled by an gas ballast; this allows the range of pumps to satisfy many applications that were previously off limits to scroll pumps.
• 2 x 10E-2 mbar / 1.5 x 10E-2 Torrsmall-pumbs
• 5 to 35 m3h-1 / 2.9 to 20.6 ft3min-1

The nXDS is the next generation in completely oil free, dry scroll pumps and replaces the XDS. nXDS improves on legacy XDS pumps by offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, lower power consumption and lower noise. Gas ballast allows for pumping of condensable vapors including, water, solvents, dilute acids and bases. nXDS pumps also feature the latest in tip seal technology giving significantly longer life between tip seal changes. Integrated inverter drive with auto sensing voltage input delivers optimized pumping performance globally. nXDS pumps are designed to be completely field serviceable.

Features and Benefits

  • Lubricant-free within the vacuum envelope and hermetically sealed means totally clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination
  • No atmosphere to vacuum shaft seals means bearings are completely isolated, which prevents process attack and means the bearings run cooler and last longer
  • Simple single sided scroll arrangement combined with an innovative motor and bearing design allows for easy field service with a minimum of special tooling for low cost of ownership and maximum up-time
  • Improved motor and drive efficiencies for reduced power and cost of ownership
  • Advanced interface provides a variety of traditional, analogue and digital control methods enabling remote control/monitoring via USB, RS232 or RS485


  • General clean pumping applications 
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes - SEM 
  • Beam lines and high energy physics 
  • Backing turbo pumps 
  • Centrifuges, ultra-high speed 
  • LC/ICP MS inlet
  • Coating 
  • Automotive 
  • Beam lines and high energy physics 
  • Oxygen Plasma systems

nXDS Scroll Pump comes in following sizes,
nXDS6i, nXDS10i, nXDS15i, nXDS20i, XDS35i, XDS46i, XDS100B Scroll Booster, Non Gas Ballast nXDS.

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