Drystar 80 Pump

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and Booster Package

Edwards DRYSTAR 80 dry vacuum pump is configured for ease of installation andcommissioning while providing a clean, robust and cost effective alternative to traditional oilsealedpumps. Dry80

The DRYSTAR 80 is designed to handle large volumes of condensable vapours andparticulate loads to provide a consistent pumpingperformance, minimal service interventionand low cost of ownership. The use of dry pumping technology and unique seal design willeliminate contamination throughout the vacuum process making the DRYSTAR 80 suitablefor a range of applications and environments.

Models Available

Drystar 80 SSP, Drystar80 PFPE SSP, Drystar80F PFPE SSP

Drystar80/EH500 SSP, Drystar80/EH500 PFPE SSP, Drystar80/EH500F PFPE SSP

Features & Benefits

  •  Extended periods between user intervention to achieve maximum uptime
  •  No exhaust filters to service offering lower consumable cost and inventor
  • Available in hydrocarbon or PFPE fluid (for oxygen) versions making it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments
  • Continuous pumping from atmosphere
  • Consistent performance in demanding applications


  • Vacuum metallurgy processes
  • Heat treatment carburization
  • Thin film coating technologies
  • Pharmaceutical freeze drying
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning system evacuation, drying, and backfilling

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