The TIC Instrument Controller provides compact control with a large, clear graphicaldisplay, an intuitive user interface and serial communications. The supplied Windows™-based PC program provides full

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remote setup, control and data logging functions via theRS232 interface.

Three TIC Instrument Controllers are available; the three head and six head versions canaccomodate 3 or 6 active gauges including the Active Ion Gauge Controller (ebeamversion). The six head capman version can accept up to three Edwards Barocel®Capacitance Manometers.

Features and Benefits

TIC automatically recognizes and controls active gauges including APG100 Pirani, convection, thermocouple, strain, inverted magnetron, wide range and active ion gauges. To enable complete integration into PC and PLC controlled processes, all TIC variants include RS232 and RS485 interface.

TIC has six pressure related set points, which operate opencollector outputs rated at 24 V d.c. 50 mA. Using the optional relay boxes, these may be linked to 250 V a.c. change overrelays to provide a useful accessory control capability. All relay boxes include a logic bypass facility for further system integration.

In most instances, TIC systems may be simply and quicklyconfigured using the range of standard cables on offer, there is therefore no need for the customer to prepare loom assembliesor relay boxes and special interfaces.

TIC includes lookup tables for a range of commonly encounteredprocess gasses (N2, He, Ar, CO2, Kr & Ne). Selecting the appropriate gas enables direct readout of the correct pressure without the need to apply conversion factors.

TIC is packaged in a compact case and may be panel or rack (¼19 inch rack 3U) mounted. With the addition of the bezel itbecomes an attractive bench-top instrument. The large 128 x 64pixel backlit graphics LCD and mobile phone style menu system simplifies programming and with a choice of summary screens excellent visibility of displayed parameters is assured.




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