Edwards is a market leader in dry pump technology and pioneer of dry vacuum for the chemical process, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. The CDX uses the very latest in screw pumping technology, whilst the EDP range utilizes the reverse claw mechanism, proven over more than 20 years and in over 100,000 installations worldwide, to provide a clean and robust vacuum


Why Dry?
Dry running pumps have no oil, steam or water in the process volume. This eliminates, at source, the pollution traditionally associated with wet sealed vacuum systems and provides cost and materials handling benefits as the sealing medium does not have to be replenished: chemical dry1
• no contamination of the process stream
• no polluted effluent
• no messy oil drums
• improved processing with reduced down time
• lower utility and consumable costs
The proven and rugged non contacting designs, both screw and reverse claw mechanisms, include the ability to control pump body and internal gas temperatures allowing a comprehensive range of solvents, flammables and corrosives to be pumped. Systemized variants address the EU’s explosive atmospheres (ATEX) directive for Category (Zone 0) T4 operation. The mechanisms are both highly tolerant to liquids and particles in the gas stream and are suitable for many applications, including:
• Distillation
• Dryingchemical dry3
• Evaporation and crystallisation
• Filter/dryers
• Solvent recovery
• Reactor service
• House/central vacuum

CXS Dry Pumps
Edwards, a pioneer in dry pumping technology, launches a new generation of dry pumps for industrial applications. Edwards has over 90 years of experience in harsh process vacuum applications, including dust and process contaminants handling, with more than 150,000 dry pumps installed worldwide. The CXS Chemical Dry Screw Pump incorporates innovative, patented design features that establish a new standard in dry pumping.chemical dry2

EDP Series
A vertical claw pump with indirect cooling and temperature control – ideally suited to applications where there is the likelihood of liquid
carry over, where cooling water is likely to be of low quality, or where close temperature control of the pump is required.

CDX Dry Pumps
The CDX 1000 and 1300 use the latest double ended screw technology to provide a peak speed of up to 1300 m3h-1 / 767 ft3min-1. Many features are patented and as with the GV range are able to handle large amounts of dust and water vapour with little or no effect on performance.
• Low cost of ownership in harsh conditions
• High reliability – dry mechanism proven in 100,000 installations
• Oil free mechanism – reduced maintenance
• Higher dust and water vapour tolerance
• Accessories to optimise pump performance to process variables
• Fast pump down with Edwards hydrokinetic drive booster pumps